At Butler University
Why we love Indiana Gamma!

"I joined Pi Phi because I felt at home here! Everyone was friendly and down to earth, which was refreshing. I felt like I could be myself without a doubt." - Lindsey '20 

"I’ve met some amazing girls through pi phi that I know I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t joined." - Bridget '20

"My favorite thing about Pi Phi is the spirit of philanthropy and kindness that each girl in this sisterhood shares with everyone around them everyday!" - Natalie '21

"Through Pi Phi, I feel a sense of true sisterhood and felt like I could really be myself." - Nina '20

"My favorite thing about Pi Phi are all the amazing people and how selfless they are." - Emma '20

"Pi Phi lets me be unappologetically myself." - Aislinn '19

"My sisters encourage and support me in my academic endeavors and as I step outside of my comfort zone with different leadership opportunities." - Michelle '21

"My favorite thing about Pi Phi is the diversity of people, and the closeness you feel toward everyone even though you don’t fully know them yet." - Rebecca '21

"I love Pi Phi because I immediately felt comfortable around everyone in the chapter!" - Kourtney '20

"Through Pi Phi I have been able to give back to the Indy community while building a sisterly bond with others my age." - Colleen '19